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At Istead Rise Primary we are keen to involve our pupils in being part of running the school and supporting everyone in our learning environment. Currently we have five bodies within the pupil voice who are crucial in ensuring our pupils have a voice in the management of the school. They include:

The School Parliament
Our Pupil Parliament comprises of 22 children ranging from Reception through to Year 6. Each member has been voted in by their peers and has a responsibility to represent the pupils that attend Istead Rise Primary School. The Pupil Parliament meets regularly with Miss Crerie to discuss the pupils exciting and inspirational ideas and any of their needs and concerns, with regards to the school and our local community. The Parliament is led by the Prime Minister in ensuring every child has their voice heard fairly.
The House Captains
Each pupil in the school is part of a house team: Saint Patrick, Saint David, Saint Andrews and Saint George. Every house has two elected house captains from year 6. Their role is to lead their team in organising activities that support their fellow house members in achieving their best. The House Captain team is responsible in running and organising a number of our large charity fundraising days too.
Istead Rise Primary is an internationally recognised school in developing awareness of eco-lifestyles and promoting sustainability within our curriculum. We have an eco-team known as the Eco-Warriors who have been especially selected from each class. These children attend meetings along with Miss Kite, and organise and run various eco-projects in our school.

Here are some examples:
Project 1: The Greenhouse
We have been building a green house since July 2012 made out of plastic bottles to make it eco friendly. We are now looking for plants to go in the green house.
September 2013: The greenhouse needs a bit of TLC, so the eco teams next step is to repair the greenhouse so we can start planting! So we will be asking you all to start saving your large plastic bottles!

Keep Calm Posters
We have been sticking Keep Calm posters round the school about encouraging everyone to make our school better.

Walking Bug
We have two monitors from the house captains that go around the school collecting the points for walking bug. If you have walked to school you would write a point up on your classroom chart! The class that has the most people walking wins a trophy. You have the runners up (second place) and then you have the winners!

Tidy Classroom
Every week we have two monitors to go around each class and mark how tidy they were that week. The point of this job is to try and get your class to tidy up more! There are first, second and third place. The classes that win will get certificates that they can put up in their classes.  We have now added a tidy teachers desk award to make sure all of the teachers are doing their bit too!

Gardening Club
The eco team are working with Mrs Mackie, Ms Cann and the lunchtime team to start up a gardening club, on a Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime. The eco team and volunteers across the school are helping to weed, plant and look after our flower beds. If you are interested in helping the gardening club please let a member of the eco team know.

Peer Mediators
Our Peer Mediators support our pupils in the playground in being a neutral third party in resolving conflicts among our pupils. Our Peer Mediators are also there to ensure everyone is happy while playing together as friends.  
Play Leaders
Our specially trained Play Leaders are on duty every lunch time setting up and running games for many of our younger pupils to ensure they have safe and enjoyable lunch time experience.


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