About Istead Rise

The Staff

The enthusiasm and dedication of staff are central to the success of Istead Rise Primary School. Below are the people who make Istead Rise School what it is today.

Staff List




Executive Headteacher:        Jeannine Olivier

Head of School:                     Mathew Currie (Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Assistant Headteacher:         Monica Clark


Foundation Team: 

Lindsey Crerie (Leader of Learning)

Jemma Neale

Elaine Fox (TA)          Tracey Timms (TA)


Year 1 Team                            

Dinaz Baker                Fiona Doe

Jenny Steggles (HLTA)           Ashley Warner (TA)


Year 2 Team

Mathew Currie                 Jemma Foxwell (HLTA)

Sarah Rance

Katharine Arnold (TA)              Sarah Piner (TA)


Year 3 Team

Michelle Kite                  Sharon Hodges

Laura Neal (TA)               Alison Green (TA)


Year 4 Team 

Cara Young                     Nicole Sparks

Rupinder Sandhu (TA)


Year 5 Team                           

Simon Meredith (Leader of Learning)

Karen Stephens

Alex Harrison (TA)


Year 6 Team

Monica Clark (Assistant Headteacher)

Tracey Goldsmith (TA)


Sports Coach                         Ben Tyler


SEN Team

Ruth Ramsay (Inclusion Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)

Ann-Marie May (1:1 TA)

Lisa Hammond (1:1 TA)

Claudia Prestige-Jones (1:1 TA)

Karen Flatman (1:1 TA)

Rachael Taylor (1:1 TA)


Admin Team 

Julia Mackie (Office Manager)

Nicola Bettey (Finance Assistant)



Martin Newson

Peter Nankervis

Midday Meal Supervisors         

Ann-Marie May (Senior MDMS)

Claire Costello

Christine Ingle

Elise Wakeman

Nicole Humphries

Jan Selvey

Linda Gill

Elaine Reader

Jenny Andreou

Joanna Bonello


Breakfast/After school             

Rupinder Sandhu (Supervisor)

Beverley German





Staff details correct as of September 2013